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How to buy Towel Warmer
Towel generally use high-tech ozone disinfection cabinet, electric dryer, far infrared and other ways of combining disinfection, efficient sterilization. Towel warmer mainly used in hotels, guesthouses, sauna bathing and other places, to the health of modern life increases a heavy sum.

Tools / materials 
Towel warmer

Steps / methods
    Check the towel disinfection cabinet power components

    Towel warmer power switch button should be flexible, reliable, responsive power-off indicator light, off normal; power cord firmly no loose connections, insulation layer without damage, the connector plug moderately elastic, keeping in mind the ground wire to see if     can be connected to the ground terminal.
        Check the towel disinfection cabinet product quality specification
    When consumers buy a towel disinfection cabinet should be obtained from the vendors of Quality Supervision, Inspection issued by the department of product quality inspection report, should also pay attention to whether the product has a health and epidemic prevention departments of Health issued permits, and sterilization effect     The inspection reports.
        To see whether the installation move lock switch
        As the towel there by ozone disinfection disinfection cabinet type, if not installed move lock switch, when not complete disinfection and can be opened when the towel will cause high concentrations of ozone disinfection cabinet leak, affecting the health of users.

    To see if the towel disinfection cabinet sealed cardboard insert a small thin towel disinfection cabinet door, and see if you can come in, if they can be easily inserted, and began to explain the sealing effect Towel Warmer bad, consumption


    1, the electric towel cabinet placed firmly on the table or confirm a safe place before use.    
    2, please re-confirm whether the power supply voltage used with a towel cabinet as specified in the instructions.    
    3, the heated towel cabinet power plug in a reliable grounding system security socket.    
    4, clean wet towel neatly stacked on shelves sieve, then into a heated towel cabinet and shut the door.    
    5, press the power switch, power indicator lights red, then heated towel cabinet has entered the work state.    
    6, when the temperature reaches the desired setting, the program proceeds according to the insulating state, if the temperature is below the set temperature, the heating temperature of working temperature automatically.    
    7, if the towel warmer end of the work will pop up to the power switch.

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