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Yantai eight salons substandard hygiene wash towel slippers mixed

Wear in the feet slippers and towels on the washing machine turn together, to beauty equipment sterilizer sterilizer just a decoration, sterilization illusory as a 'warehouse' ...... Yesterday, Yantai Health Authority for hairdressing establishments towels, sheets, etc. Public Goods launched a special sampling. Reporter tracking interviews, sampling of 10 yesterday in the beauty salon, eight have health problems.

Selma Lisa Kuang on Salon shop towels and slippers mix wash 9:30 A.M., inspectors walked into Selma Lisa Kuang on beauty salon store. Upstairs private dining room was full, in a private room, waiter was a woman to do facials, on her neck and hair wrapped in towels, bed bunk beds with a one-time pad wipes, naked and covered with blankets. 'Every time, he laid out, and wash what you don't see. 'The customer sees sample sheets health situation by law enforcement officials, say:' regular inspection, we are assured. '' We used linen depending on how many customers come in, was a one-for, towels to wash themselves. 'The store manager of the store said Kuang shop every day probably could do with seventy or eighty sheets and more than 40 pieces of towel. Law enforcement officers carefully picked up the shop towels provided smelled a bit, finding no disinfectant smell. Whether these sheets towels sterilized? The washing room downstairs to see what law enforcement officials. In aisle Shang, one short hair wearing purple coat of women is black marble of platform Admiral orange yellow of towel one by one stacks into towel volume son, and beside of disinfection between inside of double barrels washing machine in, are 'whirring' to wash with a 'pot' things, dang reporter leaned forward check Shi has impressively found: washing machine in number double red of slippers are and orange yellow of towel mixed in together wash, washing machine in of water obviously has cloudy was! Disinfect room wall hangs a picture of the Selma Lisa beauty standards of sanitation and disinfection, law enforcement officers found the above disinfectants are outfitted with less accurate. 'For example, these slippers, disinfectant according to 1:500 per dollar, has simply failed to disinfection. 'Law enforcement officials said that communal slippers under provisions of disinfectant concentration requires a minimum of 30 minutes of Immersion disinfection, to ensure that no infectious diseases. Like slippers and towel wash mixing is absolutely not allowed.  

Johor Ting Kuang shop proportion of disinfectant on the beauty salon 'estimate' beauty salon places have at least 5 square meters of dedicated sterilization room, also has strict rules on the proportion of disinfectant.    Examination revealed that city downtown beauty salon places in Hong Kong due to venue is small, disinfection as required settings to be used for any other service on the proportion of disinfectant, there are 'estimated'. 10:30, law enforcement officers came to Johor Ting Kuang shop on the second floor of beauty salons. Hall was a disinfection Cabinet, lay on a single appliance. 'Where is the inlet to the power supply? Under your operation. 'Because disinfection Cabinet wiring short, the waiter must first move appliance and high disinfection Cabinet near one moved towards the outlet. 'You sterile so moving it at all times a day? 'See the way the waiter demanding that law enforcement officials asked. 'We used to drag this over.    'The waiter replied. 'Disinfection liquid how much? 'On the scene, law enforcement personnel questions for the waiter. 'It didn't say. We are merely on the basis of the number of sheets or towels, plus as many as '84'.    'The waiter says. At 11 o'clock, '080' restaurant, inside a white door hanging on 'disinfection' sign. Law enforcement officers pushed open the door and found that there's not enough lighting. Another looks, shelves, boxes piled full of people go away at all, no disinfecting effect. 

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