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Disinfector knowledge to explain
Disinfection cabinet size, how to buy a suitable disinfection cabinet
According to the size of the volume: Currently on the market there are 30 liters, 50 liters, 80 liters, 100 liters, 150 liters, 250 liters, 350 upgrade series.

Disinfection cabinet for the whole steel structure, generally have infrared disinfection and ozone disinfection in two ways.

Currently, the market can be seen hanging, vertical, desktop, as well as a single door and double doors, and a variety of different capacities.

The number of the population should be considered when purchasing household disinfection cabinet, bedroom area, places to use, sterilize utensils and so many types of factors: the general family of three or general office, reception room uses 100 liters volume of a single door or double door disinfection cabinets, large population, the corresponding volume in liters can be larger. The small size of the room selected 60 liters more appropriate, otherwise optional 70-100 liters. -400 Liters and 150 liters volume is mainly used for tableware disinfection cabinet hotels, canteens and other public places disinfection.

The current market there are often low and high temperature disinfection disinfection disinfection cabinet into two categories, is only applicable to high-temperature pasteurized utensils, such as ceramic, stainless steel and other products. If you want high-temperature plastics, which do not can use an ozone disinfection tableware, high-temperature sterilization methods combined two-door sterilizer.

Disinfector useful? Sterilization effect
The main purpose is to buy the sterilizer to sterilize utensils, storage, cleaning, sterilization and therefore the effect of this indicator is very important, different factors sterilization temperature, UV intensity, ozone concentration, sterilization time will have a direct impact on sterilization
effects, when consumers buy pay attention to whether the product has quality health department inspection reports authoritative health inspection reports and inspection departments.

How long tableware disinfection time is right?
Disinfection cabinet disinfection time once the first is related to the number of dishes. If we place a small number of dishes, we do not need a long time sterilization, but it is not the less said tableware put less time. Bactericidal effect of disinfection cabinet is the need to guarantee a certain time. General 80L sterilizer disinfection time was at least half an hour. Some disinfection cabinet above have several fixed time settings, put the relatively long time the longest time on the choice of up to a half hour completely clean and disinfect. If the volume has sterilizer 120L large, sterilization was more than a half hour. Many people feel that the time is too long sterilization costs of electricity, it is not true, more power for a few seconds money, but the disinfecting effect has been very good guarantee.

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