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Netherlands proposed ban on personal care products using plastic microparticles Netherlands proposed ban on personal care products using plastic particles
Recently, the Dutch appeal within the EU ban on the use of plastic particles in personal care products. Dutch Environment Minister claimed that due to the plastic marine pollution particles aggravate the crisis is gradually expanding, it is proposed to toothpaste, bath gel and personal care products like skin scrubs implementation of the 'plastic particles' ban, and said it would adopt at EU level before the ban, the first in the Netherlands to take action, do not meet the product will be cleaned out.

    2015 Unilever has pledged to phase out plastic particles as the use of personal care products scrub ingredient, Beiersdorf, Colgate, L'Oreal have taken similar action to disable the trend will likely spread far beyond expectations. The so-called 'plastic particles' refers to less than 5 mm diameter plastic particles mainly unaffected by ultraviolet larger plastic materials (such as marine waste) or sand worn, broken into small particles, it becomes the current marine pollution an important source.
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